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Open position

DevOps Engineer (80-100%)

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to support our rapidly growing team. We are looking for a motivated, team oriented engineer with experience on the job to help us strengthen and grow our infrastructure department. In your job, you will work with our DevOps team to further develop our containerized enterprise data science environment. You will work with our clients to set up and maintain our products in their environment – on premise and in the cloud!

cynkra team
21 Feb 2023
Approximate time to read: 2 min

Accessing Google's API via OAuth2

At cynkra we recently aimed to automate more parts of our internal toolstack. One tool is Google Workspace. Google Workspace offers a comprehensive REST API which can be used for automation purposes.

Patrick Schratz
14 May 2022
Approximate time to read: 10 min
Open position

Data Scientist (80-100%)

We are hiring a data scientist! You enjoy working with R and know a bit about Shiny, the tidyverse, and Git. We offer work on interesting projects around the R ecosystem, with lots of freedom and flexibility and the option to work remotely.

cynkra team
27 Apr 2022
Approximate time to read: 2 min

seasonal 1.9: Accessing composite output

seasonal is an easy-to-use and full-featured R interface to X-13ARIMA-SEATS, the seasonal adjustment software developed by the United States Census Bureau. The latest CRAN version of seasonal fixes several bugs and makes it easier to access output from multiple objects. See here for a complete list of changes.

Christoph Sax
19 Apr 2022
Approximate time to read: 1 min