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Public Sector

We work with cities, cantons, and the Swiss federal government to bring the power of open source to the public sector. Our mission is to innovate public administration processes, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

Photo by Jean-Daniel Calame
Photo by Jean-Daniel Calame

Play the Whole Game

Our expertise in R covers the entire data science workflow, from database management and modeling to the creation of interactive dashboards. We ensure a deep understanding of your processes, eliminating black boxes and promoting transparency.

Photo by Andreas Fischinger
Photo by Andreas Fischinger

Freedom from Lock-In

Using an easy-to-learn, open-source language like R reduces vendor lock-in, because it gives organizations control over their data science workflows. This means organizations can modify, improve, and maintain their systems on their own terms.

Photo by Raimond Klavins
Photo by Raimond Klavins

Leaders in Open Source

With our contributions to major R packages, we are shaping the future of open source and the R ecosystem. We are deeply committed to the advancement of open-source development, fostering collaboration and innovation within the community.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

The partners at cynkra respond quickly to our requests, and the maintenance of the environment is very smooth. Additionally, the cynkra team very patiently answered our R-packaging related questions.

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

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With Posit Workbench, we now have a centralized solution where everyone works with the same basic settings, which makes our work more reproducible and allows better collaboration within the teams.

Statistical Office of the Canton of Zurich

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We thought we were efficiently organized, but it was before we met and hired Christoph. He discovered a whole lot of room for improvement in the way the Swiss QNA were compiled and calculated.

Bruno Parnisari

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO

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Featured Open Source Projects

Members of our team author and maintain open-source software projects from database and development tools to machine learning, statistics, and time series analysis.

DBI: R Database Interface

open source project

Provides a unifying interface to relational databases in R, with backend packages like RSQLite, RMariaDB and RPostgres for specific databases.

Key Features
  • Unified interface for all database operations.
  • Supports multiple DB backends like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more.
  • Easy data fetching and manipulation within R.
  • Comprehensive error handling.
Client Applications

The DBI package is a vital part of the R ecosystem, enabling seamless database management. It is used in all client projects where we interact with a database.


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Client Projects

seasonal: R Interface to X-13-ARIMA-SEATS

open source project

Facilitates seasonal adjustment of time series data using X-13-ARIMA-SEATS, with support for automatic ARIMA modeling, outlier detection, and user-defined holidays.

Key Features
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Automatic ARIMA Model Search
  • Outlier Detection
  • Support for User-defined Holidays
  • Graphical User Interface via seasonalview
Client Applications

Essential for analysts and statisticians in economics and finance for accurate seasonal adjustment of time series data.


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Client Projects