Facilitate Reproducibility

Pharma and Health

We create open-source software for the pharmaceutical industry, enhancing analytics and visualization with R. Our services include hands-on consulting and training, tailored to simplify complex data tasks.

Photo by Christina Victoria Craft
Photo by Christina Victoria Craft

Pharma and Open Source

We help the pharmaceutical industry to build open source software to promote innovation and transparency, facilitating collaboration and efficiency.

Photo by Christina Victoria Craft
Photo by Christina Victoria Craft

Consulting and Training

We offer consulting services to help companies choose the right tools and methodologies. We provide training and code reviews, focusing on efficient data use and insightful communication.

Photo by Hal Gatewood
Photo by Hal Gatewood


Our infrastructure experts support you with the installation and maintenance of Posit professional products (Posit Workbench, Connect, and Package Manager).

Project Showcase

We are enthusiastic about open source software and the R universe. For example, we help develop a powerful dashboard building tool to enable advanced analytics and visualization without code.

blockr: No-Code Data Manipulation and Visualization

open source project

blockr is an open-source dashboard builder designed to simplify data manipulation and visualization.

Key Features
  • No-Code Dashboard Creation
  • Interactive Data Visualization
  • Integration with R Ecosystem
  • User-Created Blocks for Customization
Client Applications

blockr is a no-code tool for easy access to advanced data analysis and dashboarding capabilities. It Simplifies data science by making complex analyses accessible to non-coders.