Property, Life and Health


We partner with insurers in the property, life, and health domain to apply advanced data science and software engineering. We delvelop pricing algorithms, optimize data workflows, develop Shiny applications and set up infrastructure.

Photo by Ryoji Iwata
Photo by Ryoji Iwata


cynkra specializes in the development and maintenance of pricing tools for property insurance, leveraging our expertise in data science and software engineering to deliver tailored solutions to our clients.

Photo by Ryoji Iwata
Photo by Ryoji Iwata


Our team has demonstrated extensive expertise in developing pricing tools for life insurance products. Projects involve complex relational data modeling and the use of Shiny, R, dplyr, and dbplyr.

Photo by Ryoji Iwata
Photo by Ryoji Iwata


We support our clients in health insurance with R support, by developing interactive dashboards, deploying and supporting Posit infrastructure solutions, as well as through training and code reviews.

Modeling and Pricing

We develop and implement pricing algorithms in R, focusing on powerful R packages for efficient data manipulation and analysis.

User Interfaces

We create dashboards and graphical interfaces using Shiny or JavaScript frameworks, aiming for both beauty and functionality.


Our data science environments integrate Posit products, leveraging the strength and flexibility of open source to the enterprise.

Featured Open-Source Project

Our open-source projects play a pivotal role in numerous client engagements. The following is a key R package that we use in our work with clients in the insurance industry.

dm: Relational Data Models

open source project

Provides tools for working with related tables, stored as data frames or in a relational database. Consume, build, and deploy relational data models in R.

Key Features
  • Visualization of data models.
  • Facilitates the enforcement of referential integrity.
  • Simplifies the process of filtering and aggregating across related tables.
  • Direct integration with dplyr for data manipulation.
  • Support for exporting data models to SQL or for use in Shiny applications.
Client Applications

Our dm package brings relational data models to R. We use it in various client projects that interact with databases.


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