R Consulting

From databases through modelling to dashboards, our R expertise covers every aspect of the data science workflow.

Open Source

Through our work on major R packages, we are shaping the future of the R ecosystem.

Posit Enterprise Solutions

As a Posit Full Service Partner, we support you in installing and maintaining your data science infrastructure.


We support your business and the people behind it by helping you pick the right tools, implementing solutions, training and code review. Use our expertise to better understand your valuable data and communicate the insights. More...

Posit Server Products

A managed Posit-Server solution provides an ideal environment for data analysis. We are a Posit Full Service Certified Partner and provide your business with all-inclusive, customized managed server solutions. More...


We are a team of data scientists who share a passion for the R ecosystem. We use our broad skill set to help our customers leverage R-powered analytics across a range of industries and applications. More...