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We are enthusiastic about open source software (OSS) and the R ecosystem. Members of our team author and maintain OSS projects from database and development tools to machine learning, statistics, and time series analysis libraries.

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We'd be happy to help you take your R package to the next level, and/or to CRAN. Our team is knowledgeable about the R open-source ecosystem. Contact us to get an offer.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

cynkra has been consulting for DuckDB Labs on R-related projects for over two years now. We are very impressed by the depth of their technical knowledge on the language, their deep integration into the package ecosystem and envelope-pushing regarding automation.

Hannes Mühleisen

DuckDB Labs

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I am a Senior Computational Biologist who has been coding in R for over 20 years. Since 5 years I have been hiring Kirill Müller to work with me on select projects. Our interactions are fun and highly productive and he continues to teach me to become a much better programmer.

Joseph Thorley

Poisson Consulting

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cynkra has collaborated with our research group in 2022 in the realization of an R-package integrating external libraries. They delivered a robust and reliable solution within the agreed time frame. What I appreciated most was their availability to answer questions and provide feedback even after the conclusion of the project.

Luca Carraro


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Energie360° has been expertly supported by cynkra since 2018 and we couldn't be happier. Their quick response time, friendly can-do attitude and lighning speed at work makes their app development service absolutely recommendable.

Péter Jeszenszky


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Featured Open Source Projects

Members of our team author and maintain open-source software projects from database and development tools to machine learning, statistics, and time series analysis.

DBI: R Database Interface

open source project

Provides a unifying interface to relational databases in R, with backend packages like RSQLite, RMariaDB and RPostgres for specific databases.

Key Features
  • Unified interface for all database operations.
  • Supports multiple DB backends like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more.
  • Easy data fetching and manipulation within R.
  • Comprehensive error handling.
Client Applications

The DBI package is a vital part of the R ecosystem, enabling seamless database management. It is used in all client projects where we interact with a database.


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Client Projects

seasonal: R Interface to X-13-ARIMA-SEATS

open source project

Facilitates seasonal adjustment of time series data using X-13-ARIMA-SEATS, with support for automatic ARIMA modeling, outlier detection, and user-defined holidays.

Key Features
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Automatic ARIMA Model Search
  • Outlier Detection
  • Support for User-defined Holidays
  • Graphical User Interface via seasonalview
Client Applications

Essential for analysts and statisticians in economics and finance for accurate seasonal adjustment of time series data.


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Client Projects

Our packages

Name Description Category
DBI: R database interface Provides a unifying interface to relational databases in R, with backend packages like RSQLite, RMariaDB and RPostgres for specific databases. Database
dm: relational data models Provides tools for working with related tables, stored as data frames or in a relational database. Consume, build, and deploy relational data models in R. Database
mlr3: ML in R - next generation Efficient, object-oriented programming on the building blocks of machine learning. The package is geared towards scalability and larger datasets. Machine learning
Spatio-temporal resampling The mlr3spatiotempcv package extends the mlr3 package framework with spatiotemporal resampling and visualization methods. Machine learning
mlr: machine learning in R Interface to a large number of classification and regression techniques, including machine-readable parameter descriptions. Machine learning
Odds ratio calculation Simplified odds ratio calculation for GAM(M)s and GLM(M)s. Provides structured output of all predictors and their corresponding odds ratios. Statistics
Spatial error estimation Implements error estimation and variable importance measures for predictive models using spatial cross-validation and spatial block bootstrap. Statistics
wrswoR: random sampling A collection of implementations of classical and novel algorithms for weighted random sampling without replacement. Statistics
Class-agnostic time series in R tsbox proides a set of tools that are agnostic towards the existing standards. The tools allow you to handle time series as plain data frames. Time series
Seasonal adjustment by X-13 The seasonal package is an interface to X-13-ARIMA-SEATS, the seasonal adjustment software by the US Census Bureau. x13binary provides the binaries. Time series
Temporal disaggregation Temporal disaggregation methods are used to disaggregate and interpolate a low frequency time series to a higher frequency series. Time series
dataseries: Swiss open data dataseries.org provides a structured collection of many of the relevant data series for Switzerland, automatically updated from various sources. Time series
tibble: simple data frames Tibbles are a modern reimagining of the data.frame, keeping what time has proven to be effective, and throwing out what is not. Convenience
here: a simple way to find files Two related packages to provide a simpler way to find your files. The 'root' of a project is defined as a directory that matches a certain criterion. Convenience
tv: data frames in the browser The tv package lively displays data frames. It modifies the print method of data frames to also appear in a browser or in the view pane of the RStudio IDE. Convenience
fledge: simplified versioning Wings for your R packages: Streamline the process of versioning R packages. Update your change log with relevant information from recent commit messages. Development
plogr: logging library for C++ Provides the header files for a stripped-down version of the plog header-only C++ logging library, and a method to log to R's standard error stream. Development
profile + gprofiler: profiling in R Defines a data structure for profiler data as well as methods to read and write from the 'Rprof' and 'pprof' file formats. Development
Continuous integration in R Enhance and simplify working with continuous integration (CI) systems for R projects with tic, travis, circle and r-appveyor. Development