DevOps Expert (f/m/d, 60-100%)

cynkra team

We are on the lookout for a DevOps System Engineer. You are familiar with Linux, Docker, Git, CI/CD and Ansible. We offer interesting projects around the R ecosystem and a lot of freedom. Some on-site time will be required, but a lot of remote work is possible as well. This position is especially attractive if you are interested in data science and want to learn more about R.

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Your role

  • Responsibility for enhancing and maintaining our hosted RStudio service products and our internal infrastructure

  • Communicate with IT departments of our clients

  • Set up and maintain infrastructure as code

What we look for

  • Very good knowledge of Linux, Docker, Git, CI/CD and Ansible.

  • 60%-100% commitment

  • Ability and desire to learn and improve on the job

  • Very good command of written and spoken German

  • Good working knowledge of written and spoken English

  • An interest in R and data science in general is a plus.

What we offer

  • An open source friendly environment that encouranges community contribution

  • Interesting projects around consulting and open source software development

  • Offices in Zurich: at Stauffacher and near ETH Hönggerberg

  • Flexible working hours with the possibility to work from home

How to apply

Please submit your application via Get in touch with us if you have further questions.

Who we are

cynkra is a Zurich-based data consulting company with a strong focus on R. We use R and the tidyverse in the vast majority of our projects. We are an RStudio Full Certified Partner.

We support businessess and organizations by helping them picking the right tools, implementing solutions, training and code review. We are enthusiastic about open source software and contribute to a large number of R packages. Learn more at

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