Learning R


If there is a single language that you choose to learn today … let it be R.

From basic data handling to interactive visualization, our workshops cover most aspects of R. We’re happy to adapt our workshops to the needs of your business, to use your datasets for your teaching and to focus on the topics that matter most to you. Get in touch with us!

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tidyverse intro

We use R + tidyverse in the vast majority of our projects, and we contribute to it too. Our flagship workshop teaches you, in two days, the basics of data importing, tidying, transforming, visualizing, and reporting. This workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced R users alike.

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R intro

In our R base intro workshop, you learn everything you need to do basic programming in R: We cover data structures like vectors, matrices, lists and data frames. We learn how to do statistical analyses and basic maths. We get acquainted with the programming capabilities of R.

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tidyverse advanced

If you’re already familiar with the tidyverse and are looking for ways to write reusable code, this workshop is for you. Learn the basics of functional programming and tidy evaluation in one day. (Requires tidyverse intro.)

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Reproducible workflows

Learn in one day how to implement fully reproducible, scalable, automated workflows with the drake R package. Implement your data analysis as a set of rules, let drake figure out which rules to execute when, and access up-to-date final and intermediate results.

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R as a GIS

Built on top of the GDAL, GEOS, and PROJ libraries, the sf (simple features) R package provides an in-memory representation similar to a “shape file” which is compatible with the rest of the tidyverse. This one-day workshop teaches you how to manipulate, visualize, and interact with spatial data in R. (Requires tidyverse intro.)

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Time Series

Learn how to work with time series in R. We covers the basics of time series handling, using the tsbox package. We also dig into the forecasting and seasonal adjustment of time series. Finally we learn how to deal with time series in a tidyverse workflow. (Requires tidyverse intro.)

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Shiny and interactive visualizations

Make your R routines interactive with Shiny. We start with turning an RMarkdown document to an interactive dashboard, and start to build our interactive website. The goal of the workshop is to set up an interactive web tool that can be accessed from everywhere. (Requires R intro or tidyverse intro.)

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Writing R packages

Share your generic code across your organization or with the rest of the world by packaging it. Learn about the structure of an R package, start documenting and testing your code, strengthen your version control skills, floor the throttle with C++ code, and apply best practices in this one-day workshop. (Requires R intro or tidyverse advanced.)

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Computing on the database

Harness the full power of your database by running aggregations and model predictions where the data lives. This one-day course gives a first-hand in-depth overview about the most recent developments on the front of integrating R with data management systems. (Requires tidyverse intro.)