Working with data


R has become an extremely powerful and versatile platform for solving all kinds of data-related tasks. We at cynkra support your business and the people behind it by helping you pick the right tools, implementing and supporting solutions, training and code review. Use our expertise to better understand your valuable data and communicate the insights.

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R development

We implement scripts, packages, and custom reports that are tailored to your needs and seamlessly interface with existing infrastructure.

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Data science and Statistics

We help you organize, analyze and report your data. We are comfortable handling time series and spatial data.

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Time Series Econometrics

We have substantial experience in time series econometrics, ARIMA forecasting, dynamic factor models, linear and non-linear regressions.

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Spatial Data

For repetitive operations on spatial data, or spatial modeling, we prefer R over classical GIS systems. Replace hundreds of clicks with a few lines of code.

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Sometimes existing software cannot fulfill all requirements or is too slow. We design and implement algorithms tailored to the problems, using C++ if performance matters.

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Visualization and Shiny

We create beautiful dashboards and graphical interfaces using Shiny or JavaScript frameworks. Let your customers enjoy working with your data!

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We strive to implement all our processes in a reproducible way, so that they can be rerun everywhere at any time.

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If the data is too large to fit into your computer’s memory, we let the database do the heavy lifting.